Viñas. Denominación de Origen Somontano Viñas. Denominación de Origen Somontano

Vineyards. Guarantee of origin Somontano


Wine and Wineries

# Wine route

Not so long ago every farmer would produce his own wine. The cultivation of the vine is an ancient practice in these lands and so very rooted in Aragonese culture.

Owing to the importance which wine tourism has acquired, we thought it’s important to create a route specifically so that you could learn at close quarters about the Guarantee of origin Somontano, a classification which for the last twenty-five years has guaranteed wines of the highest quality. It brings together thirty winemakers and even has its own museum. Wines which are designated Guarantee of origin have had to pass many tests and so their superiority is unquestionable.

Fortunately, many of the Somontano wineries can be visited, so it is possible to learn first hand everything about winemaking, from the cultivation of vines in the fields to the construction of the barrels in which the wine gains body. And, of course, sampling the finished product is the obligatory finale to any visit.