Repostería Artesana. Festa del Tossino Repostería Artesana. Festa del Tossino

Artisan desserts. Festa del Tossino


Gastronomy and artisan foods

# Sweets and desserts

Puddings, ice cream, chocolate, jams, honey and dried fruits

In the past, desserts were not an optional luxury but an important source of energy for men and women who had to work long hours. ‘Dobladillos’, ‘empanadones’, ‘tortas’ and a long list of other delights were connected with the making of bread. Jams, compotes and dried fruits (sugared almonds, etc) are part of this tradition of sweets and desserts, whose origins are lost in time but which is still alive today.

Cocoa, although it comes from tropical countries, is processed in the area by skilled artisans who have brought up to date arts such as the making of chocolate ‘a la piedra’ (stone chocolate).

More modern are other skills such as the creation of ice creams, in which the variety of flavours is only limited by the imagination of the artisan.