Castle of Monzón


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# Templar Castle of Monzón

This rests on a promontory overlooking the rivers Cinca and Sosa. It started out as an Arab fort until it was captured by Sancho Ramírez and his son, the future Pedro I (1089). In 1143 it came into the hands of the Templars, who turned it into a monastery, adding buildings in the austere Cistercian style. Its heyday was as an Encomienda Templaria controlling 28 towns in the valley of Cinca and La Litera. King Jaime I el Conquistador spent nearly three years in the castle receiving a Templar education. Several of the castle building have recently been restored including the Sala Capitular, the Torre del Homenaje and the temple, which now houses a centre dedicated to the study of the Templars, and there are plans to restore the castle in its entirety. The Castle of Monzon is a stop on the tourist route called Domus Templi, which also takes in Miravet and Tortosa, in Tarragona, and Peñíscola and Lleida.

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