Cañón de Añisclo Cañón de Añisclo

The Añisclo Canyon


Landscapes and scenery

# Valle de Añisclo

At the end of the ‘70s, in the face of a project to flood the Cañón de Añisclo to build a hydroelectric dam, several institutions and citizen groups mobilized to save this enclave. The project was aborted, and in 1982 the National Park was enlarged and reclassified (including the Cañón de Añisclo) under the name of the National Park of Ordesa y Monte Perdido. This is an impressive valley, which has at its head a glacial cirque, and encloses a deep canyon with a succession of chutes and waterfalls, among which we must mention the Fuen Blanca or Fon Blanca: this flows out from steep face of the Pico de Añisclo straight down to the valley floor.

In the places in which the terrain and the height allow vegetation to grow, the great humidity and almost permanent shade of the deep canyon produce dense forests such as the Selva Plana. And the hermitage of San Úrbez, squeezed into the rock, provides a touch of history.

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