Río Ara. Parque Nacional de Ordesa Río Ara. Parque Nacional de Ordesa

The river Ara. The National Park of Ordesa


Landscapes and scenery

# The National Park of Ordesa

This is crowned by Monte Perdido, 3,355 metres high. The summits of Las Tres Sorores also stand out, below which are the valleys of Ordesa, Pineta, Añisclo and Escuaín. The scenery is varied: the extreme dryness of the higher areas, where rain water and melting ice is drained away down cracks and fissures, and the green valleys with their woods and meadows, where the water cascades along canyons and ravines.

There are also examples of the architecture typical of High Aragon, with roofs of sandstone tiles, stone walls, tapering chimneys crowned with a piece of ‘espantabrujas’, to ward off witches, and kitchen hearths with ‘cadieras’ (wooden benches around a central stove).

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