Mallos de Riglos Mallos de Riglos

Mallos de Riglos


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# Mallos de Riglos (the Mallets of Riglos)

In the county of Hoya de Huesca, northeast of the capital, there are some impressive geological formations, with vertical rock faces 300 metres high. They are popular with nature lovers and in particular with rock climbers. Their names give you some idea of their shapes: El Puro (The Cigar), El Pisón (The Rammer), Castilla, Volaos, Cuchillo (The Knife), Frenchín, Visera (The Visor) and Fire.

Historically, the area at the foot of these spectacular rock formations has been called the Kingdom of the Mallets. This includes the towns of Riglos, Centenero, Ena, La Peña, Rasal, Salinas de Jaca, Santa María, Triste, Villalangua and Yeste. Their origen goes back to the times of King Pedro I of Aragon, who presented his wife with this small part of the Pyrenean foothills.

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